We strive to run our business as sustainably as possible. We are well aware of that transport contributes to CO2 emissions, and that is why we require our charters to keep emissions as low as possible.

For example, we are constantly investing in new technology: at the time of the transition to the EURO6 standard, 75% of our fleet already met the standard within a year. In addition, the drivers are trained on fuel consumption – there is even a competition for that. They are helped by various systems, such as one reporting when a driver can lift the throttle. Power connections, parking heaters or air conditioners prevent the engine from idling unnecessarily. We are currently keeping an eye on the market when it comes to developments in electric driving and hydrogen.

At our home base we work as sustainably as we can – our paperless office will soon be an energy-neutral office as well. In our new building we will use solar panels to generate our own energy.


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